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Use of the National Employment Record (NER) is subject to the following T&Cs. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the T&Cs prior to registration.

Terms and Conditions Relating to the National Employment Record


  • NDTP – National Doctors Training and Planning
  • NER – National Employment Record
  • DIME – Doctors Integrated Management E-System
  • NCHD – Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor. This term encompasses Interns, Registrars, Senior House Officers, Specialist Registrars and Senior Registrars.
  • Employers HR Departments – This refers to the administration team responsible for the pre-employment processes for NCHDs. It includes Medical Manpower, Medical HR, Medical Admin, HR etc
  • OHD – This refers to the Occupational Health Department responsible for the pre-employment health assessment and screening of NCHDs.
  • OSDS – Open Sky Data Systems. This is the external database management company engaged by NDTP to provide system support and expertise.
Welcome to your personal National Employment Record (NER). The purpose of the NER is to facilitate NCHDs to rotate between participating employers within the HSE/Voluntary Hospitals/Section 38/39 Agencies and Private Hospitals who employ NCHDs on training schemes, without the requirement for repetition of pre- employment paperwork. Your (NER) will only be visible to:
  • your current employer’s HR Department or equivalent (hereafter known as the employer's HR Department),
  • your future employer’s HR Department when you have been matched to your next rotation,
  • your current employers Occupational Health Department (hereafter referred to as OHD),
  • your future employers OHD when you have been matched to your next rotation.
  • the national administrators of the system within NDTP who have ‘super user’ rights to oversee all other database users, to provide a help desk function to users and to run statistical reports at a national level
  • Open Sky Data Systems (hereafter known as OSDS) This is the external database management company engaged by NDTP to provide system support and expertise.

Your current employer’s HR Department and OHD will have access to your account for 60 days post- employment only, in order to allow them to add any residual documents after you have moved to your next post.

Details regarding the purpose and use of the information collected are outlined in the document entitled Personal Information & Documentation on DIME-NER, this is available in the following location on the NDTP website http://bit.ly/2oAqOMw.

Your NER Portal is secure and protected by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. You will notice the browser displays a padlock symbol which means there is a secure connection, data transferred over the internet is encrypted and not visible to third parties. This technology is used by Banks for Internet Banking/Credit Card transactions.

NDTP reserves the right to suspend access to the NER portal, either generally, or specifically, at any time at its sole discretion for improper use of the system, e.g. uploading inappropriate images etc. In the event of this happening you are entitled to request a copy of your personal data from NDTP, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003 and the Data Protection Act 2018.

The email address provided by you when creating your NER account will be used by your Employer’s HR Department, OHD and NDTP for correspondence purposes. Your email address will not be provided to a third party.

Please note the following NER terms & conditions before registering an NER Account.

1. You must use a secure password to create an NER account upon initial registration. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your account and password. You should never allow an internet browser to save your password on a public computer.
2. Following a period of 365 days inactivity, an NER account will automatically deactivate. The account may be reactivated by your employers HR Department if required.
3. Data will be retained in accordance with the HSE Standards and Recommended Practices for Healthcare Records Management.
4. You are responsible for ensuring that the details that you provide are accurate. You are required to complete your Hire Form and upload requested documents.
5. The information which you enter and upload on your NER forms part of your employment record, and by registering you are giving the participating employers HR Department permission to verify the details (including but not limited to qualifications) that you have provided against records held by:
  • the Medical Council of Ireland, or any similar medical registration body abroad;
  • any academic institution; and
any previous employers, whether in Ireland or abroad. You are obliged to notify your employer without delay should there be any change in your registration status with the Medical Council during your rotation. I understand that changes in status include non-registration, any restriction, conditions, censure admonishment or removal from the register.
6. It remains at all times your personal responsibility to update the information on your NER and keep your NER current and up to date, e.g. change of address etc.
7. The requirement to update your NER does not absolve you of the obligation to personally notify your employer’s HR Department of any information that may be material to your fitness to practice, or may otherwise impact on the participating employer’s reputation or insurance status including:
  • medical council referrals in any jurisdiction;
  • Garda investigation, criminal proceedings whether pending or concluded, etc. in any jurisdiction
  • any other details which may impact on your fitness to practice
8. By registering your details you are agreeing to the maintenance of an NER Account related to your employment for use by each of your participating employers. Your NER will therefore be used, and should be viewed by you as an electronic version of your pre-employment documentation. You are therefore accepting the full transfer of that file amongst participating employers as you rotate, including documents uploaded by you and your employers HR Department and OHD employer, e.g. Garda Vetting, Work Permit, Immunisation Status documentation etc
9. Your salary, emoluments and other expenses will be paid into the bank account that is nominated by you. It is your responsibility to keep these particulars up to date. By registering your details you are also:
  • Authorising the participating employers to pay all future salary payments direct to the account details outlined provided by you.
  • Authorising the participating employers to request verification of service details with any previous Public Sector Employer.
10. Occupational Health Requirements
You are required to:
  • Complete your Pre Placement Health Assessment Form (PPHA)
  • Upload Immunisation status details including Evidence of EPP (exposure prone procedure) clearance where required
You are responsible for ensuring that the details you provide are accurate and correct to the best of your knowledge and inform OHD if there is any change in your medical circumstances
Patient Related Medical Records must not be uploaded onto the NER system.
By uploading your Pre Placement Health Assessment Form and related documents you are agreeing to the transfer of your PPHA form and related uploaded documents to your current employer’s OHD and any future employer’s OHD when you have been matched to your next rotation. Occupational Health Services may also upload medical information on your behalf in order to facilitate the sharing of medical information with other Occupational Health Services on a need-to-know basis

Your HR department will not have access to any documents uploaded related to Occupational Health such as your, PPHA or vaccination records.

11. Training Supports Module
You will be required to make all funding claims under the Training Supports Scheme via your NER Account.
You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide is accurate and receipts are original and genuine.
All hard-copy original receipts must be held by you for a period of 6 years and made available for audit during this period if required.
By uploading training supports documentation, you are aware that this information is being kept electronically and confidentially.
12. This site uses cookies; no confidential information is stored in these cookies.


(i) I hereby declare that all the information furnished on this NER portal account is true, and that I am aware of the qualifications and requirements for employment as a doctor and any specific requirements for individual posts I understand that I may be required to submit documentary evidence in support of any qualifications / experience provided by me in my NER portal account.
(ii) I declare that I am not the subject of any investigation by any medical registration body in any jurisdiction, with regard to my medical practice or conduct as a practitioner. I have not been suspended from registration by any medical registration body in any jurisdiction in the last 10 years, nor am I the subject of any current suspension
(iii) I accept and confirm the entitlement of the participating employer(s) to reject my NER account or, to terminate my employment (in the event of a contract of employment having been entered into), if I have made any false statement or misrepresentations or concealed information relevant to my NER account. I understand that if any of the details provided are found to be false or inaccurate in any way, action may be taken to withdraw any offer of employment or invoke the disciplinary process. disciplinary process.
(iv) I understand that the NER terms & conditions are accepted by me once and remain enforceable for the duration that I hold an NER account. I understand that if there are amendments to these terms and conditions that I will be notified and required to review prior to continuing to use the system.