Welcome to your secure National Employment Record


Welcome to the National Employment Record (NER)

The NER has been developed by HSE – National Doctors Training & Planning, in response to one of the key recommendations of the ‘Strategic Review of Medical Training and Career Structure Report’ (MacCraith Report). This recommendation was based on feedback received directly from NCHDs. The system has been specifically designed to minimise repetitive paperwork requirements for NCHDs and eliminate as much duplication as possible when rotating employers.
Your NER is completely private, confidential and secure. The information contained within your NER will only be available to you and your relevant employer/prospective employer or Occupational Health Department (OHD)/prospective OHD. Occupational Health data will not be visible/accessible by your employer
If you are a first time user of the system you must register a new account – click on the ‘Register new account’ link at the top right-hand side of the screen to begin.
If you have already registered an NER account and wish to log on this will require three pieces of information. These are E-mail Address, Date of Birth and Password. From the launch of version 2 of NER, Date of Birth is now a mandatory field when logging onto NER. If you registered an NER account previously without completing your date of birth you must contact your local Medical HR Department to update your hire form with your date of birth.